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A (25, no not any more) 26 year old wife, mom, writer, jack of all trades. A someone who cooks for fun like a pro, living her dream :) Alhumdolillah!

A Matter Of A Teaspoon

Today I won’t be sharing any recipe with you guys. Because, today I’m going to tell you a story. A story with a bold moral lesson. A lesson that was learned the very hard way, unfortunately. It’s a story about a girl – … Continue reading

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Eggless Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red colour is magical. It is the colour of fire and blood. Associated with energy, passion, power and of course love. And what better way of appreciating the magical power of red other than in cupcakes. Red velvet cupcakes are simply perfect for … Continue reading

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Lemon Honey Sesame Chicken Wings

I’ve made this recipe on a request ( kindly note that we do listen to all your requests and queries  We try our level best to fit them in our schedule asap. With a hope that you people won’t mind if … Continue reading

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7-days Free E-course on How to bake a Perfect Cake is here

Wohoooo! 😀 I am so excited to announce that my first free e-course on how to bake a perfect cake is finally here. I have tried my level best to keep it simple and include all the necessary information that … Continue reading

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Crispy Fried Potato Puffs recipe

Sick and tired of those same tasting samosay. Even tried substituting potato filling for chicken but still, your taste buds crave for something crispy, creamy yet light on  the budget. Well, we have something of your interest. These crispy fried … Continue reading

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Oil-free Scrambled Egg In Microwave

Monotony bores us. We human beings like, as well as need change. It makes otherwise dull and dry life interesting. Just like different spices in our food can either make or break a dish. On the same note, your life should … Continue reading

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Marshmallow Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Glaze

Ooey-gooey, deep, dark, moist marshmallow chocolate cake with chocolate glaze recipe. Continue reading

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Daal Maash Dahi Bhallay Recipe From Scratch

Learn how to make the best daal maash dahi bhallay from scratch. Continue reading

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Cuppa Cuppa Cake with fresh fruits

Cuppa cuppa cake with fresh fruits. Desserts couldn’t be any easy than this. Continue reading

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How To Make Self-Raising Flour At Home

No need to buy “self-raising flour” from the market when you make it easily at home. Continue reading

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