It starts!

The thing is, someone’s been stealing all our cookies. And now, we’re on a mission to track down the culprit and bring ’em to justice. We have our doubts on the “Cookie Monster”. Because all the cookie jars are empty, the floor is full of crumbs and at night we hear loud munching noises as well, “Om Nom nom nom!”.

If everything goes well, we’ll be back in a month, insha Allah. During this period, neither any cake orders will be taken nor TheChefInMe will deliver its weekly dose of tempting recipes.

But, you know how we love to keep you guys busy and well in shape, so while we’re away, we are leaving behind our very own, brand-spanking fresh, one-week FREE email course, “How to Bake a Perfect Cake”. So, feel free to join it and get busy.

We would love to hear your baking experiences and mishaps, woops! 🙂 So, keep the comments coming. You’ll be able to get registered for the Free E-mail course in a short while, so keep checking in.

Be back with a blast, insha Allah! (No, not literally)
And yes, WE’LL MISS you too.

Remember us in your prayers.
Jazak Allah khair
leemz from TheChefInMe

Sign out!

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