Say goodbye to the old, half burnt – half golden brown onions. What a waste of whole lot of onions and oil. But, worry no more. Chef Zakir is here to the rescue, again and as always 🙂 Masha Allah!. He gave some highly useful tips to get the perfect Brown onions, for Haleem and Qorma etc.

Now when ever i need to fry onions to crispy golden brown, I always follow Chef Zakir’s fool-proof following tips.

Tips and tricks>>>

  1. Slice onions as thin as possible. (without cutting your finger)
  2. Add the onions into the oil when the oil is still cold or at room temperature. So, that when it gets hot, the water inside the onions gets tried along with it.
  3. Once oil is hot, reduce the flame to slow. And keep stirring occasionally till they turn golden brown, not dark brown.
  4. You don’t need to place them onto newspaper (it’s unhealthy). Drain from oil properly and place them onto any plate and there you have it. Your perfectly browned onions.

Brown Onions are used as a topping as well as in many Pkaistani dishes for a deep, rich flavor.

Chicken cheese sticks

I made these little tasty bites for my mom's friend tea-party, yesterday. Will upload the pictures tonight, God be willing....