Cake In A Mug?

This cake method is OUTSTANDING! I loved it, and rest loved the cake. The best thing about this cake recipe is that you bake the cake in a mug, yes your favorite coffee or cha mug. And you know what’e even better is that it take less than 2 minutes to cook it, how grand is that, it can’t get any better than this bhai, it can’t. You can even bake it with your kids helping you, it’s so easy peesy lemon squeezy. 😀

Seriously speaking, I was kinda like skeptical how it would turn out and all but, to my sheer surprise the cake was light, fluffy and just what I was hoping it to be. The ingriednts used in the recipe are plain and simple, you may just find them lying in your pantry anyway.

What you need

Flour——————- 4 tbsp
Baking powder———- 1 tsp
Egg——————— 1 slightly beaten
Vanilla Essence——— 1/2 tsp
Oil———————- 3 tbsp
Milk——————– 3 tbsp
Chocolate chips——— 3 tbsp
Caster sugar———— 5 tbsp
Cocoa powder———– 2 tbsp
Salt———————- pinch

How it’s made

  1. In a clean bowl, sift together flour, salt, baking powder and cocoa powder.
  2. Add in caster sugar. Stir in egg.
  3. Once all lightly mixed together add in oil, milk and vanilla essence. Mix well.
  4. Throw in chocolate chips and stir well.
  5. Now pour this mixture into your favorite, oven-proof mugs and cover with cling wrap.
  6. Cook one mug at a time for first 1 minute, gently remove the cling wrap, insert a tooth pick if it comes out clean, it’s done, if not, cover top with cling wrap and let it cook for 10 more SECONDS. Every microwave is somewhat different in heating to be slow, don’t burn it.

Enjoy with a dollop of cream or ice cream on top and impress your friends and family.

Courtesy Not quite Nigella

About |eemz

A (25, no not any more) 26 year old wife, mom, writer, jack of all trades. A someone who cooks for fun like a pro, living her dream :) Alhumdolillah!
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11 Responses to Cake In A Mug?

  1. Nazish says:

    I always make my chocolate cake in microwave….3 eggs, 1 cup flour and 7 mins in the microwave!! 😀

  2. |eemz says:

    Good girl. Now try this one 😀

  3. Vimitha says:

    Looks so yum and mouth watering… A yummy one pot cake..

  4. |eemz says:

    Thanks Vimitha 😀

  5. Sarah says:

    Now its quick and easy to satisfy a craving for chocolate cake :) But can we omit the egg?

  6. |eemz says:

    wouldn’t recommend it :) dunno how it would turn out, try it and lemme know 😀

  7. Sidra says:

    got this recipie from here :-) but i have one question: will the cake not come out of the mug when it rises? do i have to adjust the quantities mentioned above?

    • |eemz says:

      And that is why you have to fill the mug half way. It will rise as it is cooked in the microwave (BTW you can see it rising through the glass door) but won’t spill if you use big mugs or simply fill them only half way. Try once and then adjust the amount of batter that goes into the mug next time.

      This recipe yields two mugs, no need to change it. Double it if you are using HUMONGOUS mugs or simple make three to four smaller mugs 😀

  8. fatema says:

    i tried it! it’s awesome! thankyou for sharing! :)

  9. noor lodhi says:

    i tried this one and was really amazed!! really good recepie,thanks for sharing it.

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