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Spicy Shola or Sholay

Shola or sholay is a very famous Afghani savory rice dish. The rice used in this recipe is usually short-grain rice (toota chawal) because it is cooked with water, pulses, spinach and with either mince meat or tiny pieces of meat. … Continue reading

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Macaroni With Minced Meat

You can make this macaroni/pasta recipe with your pre-cooked minced (Qeema) of chicken, beef or even mutton. Or even if you have some cooked meat pieces from precious day, shredded them and you can use them in this recipe. This … Continue reading

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You can make your lasagna with chicken, beef, mutton or simply using vegetables. I have seen many people make a combo of spinach and mince chicken in the layering of lasagna and it tastes delicious, even if you are not … Continue reading

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Tangy Achari Chicken by Rida Aftab

Who doesn’t like fool proof recipes (psst it was rhetoric question so that’s why you didn’t see a question mark 😉 khekhekhe) Got this recipe from Rida Aftab’s show “Tarka”. My sister-in-law and her family were visiting that night. I wanted to … Continue reading

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Mutton Badami Korma

I don’t know what, but mutton recipes never work out for me. Although I love cooking and eating mutton but somehow or the other they just don’t come out that grand, a something to show-off kinda one’s you know. So … Continue reading

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