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Cold Cake / Chocolate Fridge Cake / Chocolate Biscuit Cake

This cake is a breeze. No seriously, I have tried many recipes of cold cake but this one is “the one“. The cold cake you get in the end is soft, chewy and super easy to make. This is pure comfort … Continue reading

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The Best Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

It’s been ages, since I updated my blog, eh. So sorry for that. Okay lets talk about cookies. Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked cookies in your home, nice eh? Okay so let us begin with our Sugar Cookies. … Continue reading

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Magical Mondays – Viennese Fingers

Since, this is our first Magical Monday and no requests came in so I thought I just might post whatever I feel like. 😀 So today I’ll be telling you how to make your own Viennese Fingers. These are very popular across … Continue reading

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Our very first cookie stall

Our first cookie stall at Charity based Fun fair was a big bit. All sold out is the word 😀 It was fun, informative kinda experience. Our medal cookies and lollipop cookies were a bit hit among kids. Anmd for … Continue reading

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Just perfect chocolate chip cookies

The first time I made Chocolate Chip cookies was on Nov.5th, 2006 (still remember the dates ;)) and boy they were delicious, just what I was hoping for. I made it for my hubby’s birthday and boy they were a … Continue reading

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Butter cookies

Butter cookies are my all time favorite cookies. Plain and simple but impressive. And the best thing about them is that you can either leave them plain to complement tea or coffee or you can add a little icing here … Continue reading

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Chocolate biscuit cakes

I’ve now made these, chocolate bits from heaven, thrice this week and once last week. I made it first time for my college friends get together and then next time, when my husband asked me to.  And then again and … Continue reading

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Melting Moments

I made these the first time for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party. And to my surprise they were a bit hit. Since my little girl loves animals so, we had Zoo theme for her birthday, and i made these little … Continue reading

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Oreo Shake

Need a refreshing yet rich drink, well Oreo shake is just for you. A big hit especially in the after noon, with a light snack, some cookies would do the trick.There is no hard rule as far as the quantities … Continue reading

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