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Eggless Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red colour is magical. It is the colour of fire and blood. Associated with energy, passion, power and of course love. And what better way of appreciating the magical power of red other than in cupcakes. Red velvet cupcakes are simply perfect for … Continue reading

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How To Make Self-Raising Flour At Home

No need to buy “self-raising flour” from the market when you make it easily at home. Continue reading

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Custom-made Double Chocolate Cup Cakes

In more than one way, Cupcakes are more versatile than cakes. They enable you to explore new designs and techniques in cute little sizes. These cupcakes were made for a friend, don’t they just look adorable 😀 I loved the owls and … Continue reading

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Made-to-order Cupcakes

And theChefinme’s first order of Cupcakes and quiche went all well Alhumdolillah. They were 3 dozen Cupcakes and 3 dozen Chicken and cheese quiche. Loved baking ’em 😀 And Mashaal helped me dispatch goodies 😀 The cupcakes were vanilla flavored, … Continue reading

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Lemon Drizzle Cup Cakes

Got these cupcakes recipe from Ann Nicole’s book, Cupcakes and Muffins. I made a batch and it simply vanished into the thin air, considering how quickly guests at home devoured it with great relish. They loved ’em so much that they placed an … Continue reading

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Sugar Paste Icing

I got this recipe from Ann Nicole’s book “Cupcakes & Muffins”. It’s a keeper if you get your hands on it. Its got quick, easy, proven recipes, so says the cover and after giving ’em a try it really is … Continue reading

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Cupcakes

With the Cricket fever high up these days and Pakistan in the semi final now. I thought I might show my support to my team by baking a batch of these cup cakes. The first batch I made wasn’t so pleasant looking so, … Continue reading

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Strawberry cupcakes

Since strawberries are in season with their exuberant red color and refreshing fragrance I thought I might give them a shot in cakes. Choosing which recipe to make can be the toughest part. Had around 20 – 25 tabs open, … Continue reading

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Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate banana muffins

Had some over ripe bananas with me and had nothing to do with them. So, I took Nigella Lawson’s book out and found this wonderfully aromatic recipe. My whole house is smelling like a mixture of caramelized bananas and brown sugar, lovin’ it! Wanna … Continue reading

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Making caramel, yes we are

There are tons of ways in which you can show off your cakes, desserts, cupcakes or ice cream scoops with decorations made from caramel. It’s very fragile so, handle with care and some love would also be nice I used … Continue reading

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