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Coffee Toffee

I feel in love with this dessert as soon as I tasted it. Oh it melts in your mouth. The sweetness is just perfect to keep my sweet tooth satisfied for days. The only con this dessert has to its name is that you … Continue reading

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Super quick and easy Strawberry Mousse

Our friends were coming for to our home after a long long time, in an hours time. So, I had to act quick. I wanted to make something that was quick and easy yet fit for kings. A something that … Continue reading

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Mars Bar Mousse

It’s difficult to find a decent recipe that doesn’t involved usage of raw eggs. Most of the recipes use raw egg white being folded into the chocolate mix. But when you have kids holding their tiny little dessert spoons, waiting for the mousse … Continue reading

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Get well soon cake

This is a Get well soon cake that I made for a dear friend who was very sick. She’s absolutely fine now, in case you were wondering. This is a rainbow cake. Made by throwing a handful of colors into your favorite … Continue reading

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Three little hot fish

This is a tale of three little fish who were minding their own business when one of them said to the rest. Pink one:” Hey fishy, is it just me or is it getting really hot in this little fish … Continue reading

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No camera, no posts

It’s been over a month now. Over a month since I saw that flashy silver camera of mine. Lying cozily in its black casing. It’s been a month since I have taken any shot of my food. A month, alas! … Continue reading

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Coffee crunch cake

I made this cake for my father’s birthday. Technically it was a four layered cake but since it was getting too tall so, I left one layer out. Eventually it was three layered cake, each layer covered with freshly whipped … Continue reading

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Simple Sponge cake

Sponge cake can also be called as the beginners cake or Oh-so-easy cake Sponge cake is a very diverse cake, you can do just about anything with it according to your taste and mood. You can fill it with jam, … Continue reading

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Black magic cake – the very best

There are many amazing things about this cake, which makes this cake, my best cake recipe ever! Yes this is the one! It only requires two eggs, doesn’t call for butter but instead you use vegetable oil, which make s … Continue reading

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Gulab Jaman

If you have a sweet tooth and looking for a traditional Asian dessert then this soft and juicy gulab jaman recipe is ideal for you. Ingredients:- 1. Dried milk powder 1 cup 2. Ghee 1 tbsp 3. Flour 2 tbsp … Continue reading

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