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Desrts from the South-Asia are here for you now, do check ’em out!

Gajjar ka Halwa (carrot halwa)

Say goodbye to winters in a sweet way by making this awesome gajjar ka halwa, the very last time. It may be time consuming but all worth it, right? Summers are just around the corner and you can still get … Continue reading

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Carrots are in season now so, everybody will be trying out different recipes of them. Carrots are notably rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and dietary fiber; however, they provide only 41 calories per 100 g, negligible amount of fat and no … Continue reading

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Ras Malai by Shireen Anwer

OMG! This recipe makes the best EVER Rasmalai, EVER! And please note I am NOT exaggerating a bit. The Rasmalai doubles in size, so make smaller balls. What you need Powdered Milk————– 2 cups Baking powder————– 2 tsp slightly heaped … Continue reading

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Russ Malaee

My never fail, alhumdolillah, Russ Malaee, a big hit every time i make it. It’s light and traditional. So if you’re having a dinner with Asian or desi food theme then don’t forget to give these babies a shot. All … Continue reading

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Gulab Jaman

If you have a sweet tooth and looking for a traditional Asian dessert then this soft and juicy gulab jaman recipe is ideal for you. Ingredients:- 1. Dried milk powder 1 cup 2. Ghee 1 tbsp 3. Flour 2 tbsp … Continue reading

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