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Home-made marshmallow Fondant

Fondant enables you to give 3D effects to your cake. The smooth finishings, the intricate details fondants can never be achieved by soft icings. It has a play-dough like smooth, consistency but people always had issues with the flavour of regular fondants. That’s … Continue reading

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No camera, no posts

It’s been over a month now. Over a month since I saw that flashy silver camera of mine. Lying cozily in its black casing. It’s been a month since I have taken any shot of my food. A month, alas! … Continue reading

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Coffee crunch cake

I made this cake for my father’s birthday. Technically it was a four layered cake but since it was getting too tall so, I left one layer out. Eventually it was three layered cake, each layer covered with freshly whipped … Continue reading

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Butter Icing

This is the most commonly used icing by people around us And it makes sense. It ain’t as complicated as Butter cream. It’s soft, buttery and works excellent to ice, write or decorate both cakes and cupcakes. And allows you … Continue reading

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Chocolate glace icing

It’s a sweet, soft and shiny icing. An icing which gets stiff after a few minutes. So chill, and let it set on it’s own. All you need>>> Cocoa Powder——— 2 tbsp Warm Water———– 1 – 2 tbsp Icing sugar————- … Continue reading

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Butter Cream Icing

I have this amazing book by Reader’s digest “Complete Guide To Cookery” written by Anne Willan . It’s an amazing, amazing book. A step-by step way to success for every cook. It’s got all the details from cutting the chicken … Continue reading

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Chocolate Fudge Frosting

In my quest to find that oh-so-heavenly chocolate fudge icing, this one was the champion, the savior and sinfully irresistible. And all thanks to my cousin Masturah for giving it to me. I wanted a one which would not be … Continue reading

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Black magic cake – the very best

There are many amazing things about this cake, which makes this cake, my best cake recipe ever! Yes this is the one! It only requires two eggs, doesn’t call for butter but instead you use vegetable oil, which make s … Continue reading

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