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Everyday Lemon Brownies

I call them ‘Everyday Lemon Brownies’ because the recipe is quite simple, steps are pretty basic and the required ingredients are not only easy to remember but easy to assemble as well. The items required should be already present in … Continue reading

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Chicken Ginger – The Authentic recipe

If you are in a hurry but you HAVE to cook a dish for lunch/dinner in a matter of 15 minutes. Or if some unexpected guests arrive right before lunch/dinner and you need to not only think fast but cook … Continue reading

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You can make your lasagna with chicken, beef, mutton or simply using vegetables. I have seen many people make a combo of spinach and mince chicken in the layering of lasagna and it tastes delicious, even if you are not … Continue reading

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Chicken Shashlik – Spicy, Tender, Juicy

I have made chicken shashlik on many dinner and iftar parties. It’s easy, it’s simple and a guest pleaser sure. If your chicken has been marinated for some time, cooking takes less than 30 minutes. You can any vegetable you … Continue reading

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The Best Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

It’s been ages, since I updated my blog, eh. So sorry for that. Okay lets talk about cookies. Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked cookies in your home, nice eh? Okay so let us begin with our Sugar Cookies. … Continue reading

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Cheese Stuffed Fish Meatballs

Koftay/meatballs what ever you wanna call it. These meatballs are so so soft and juicy, it’s gonna leave your kids wondering whether they’re having chicken or something else. No smell at all. Best for those picky kids and family who … Continue reading

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Magical Mondays – Viennese Fingers

Since, this is our first Magical Monday and no requests came in so I thought I just might post whatever I feel like. 😀 So today I’ll be telling you how to make your own Viennese Fingers. These are very popular across … Continue reading

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