Two things you can never go wrong with, chicken and cheese. And these chicken and cheese koftay / meatballs are just perfect! Moist and tender with a cheesy surprise in the center.

You can use them right away or pop them into the freezer, freeze individually and then keep them in a zip-lock bag for later use. Excellent evening snacks for kids and adults alike, toss these koftay / meatballs over spaghetti with some chunky tomato sauce, or a quick koftay gravy for dinner or a quick and yummy dinner option for surprise visitors. You can make these koftay with other meats as well, beef koftay and mutton koftay, fish koftay works great too and they taste amazing.


Chicken Cheese Koftay
Recipe type: Main course
Cuisine: Pakistani
Moist and tender chicken koftay with a cheesy surprise in the center.
  • Chicken Mince------------------------ ½ kg
  • Salt--------------------------------------- to taste
  • Red chilies powder------------------- 1 tsp
  • Red chili flakes------------------------ 1 tsp
  • Crushed green chilies--------------- 3 green chilies or to taste
  • Gram flour/ besan-------------------- 3 tbsp
  • Corn flour------------------------------- 3 tbsp
  • Garlic/ginger paste------------------- 2 tsps
  • Cumin seeds--------------------------- 1 tsp
  • Emmenthal Cheese------------------ cubed as required, I used happy cow cheese
  • Onion------------------------------------- 1 medium finely chopped
  • Garam Masala------------------------- ½ tsp
  1. Pop everything into the food processor and make sure there is no water in it.
  2. Give everything a good mix.
  3. Grease your palm with oil and make round balls of the meat mix.
  4. Then flatten the ball and place a cubed cheese piece in the center and shape it into the ball again. You can freeze them in this form for later use or use them right away. They taste awesome!
  5. Now cook the gravy as you prefer, chunky or smooth and pop these into the gravy. Cover 10 min on medium flame, toss, add chopped cilantro and garam masala on top and it's ready to be eaten alive 😀


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