These are the chicken rolls that you buy from the bakeries. Crispy and crunchy from outside while tender and packed with flavours from the inside. Once you get your hands right on how to make the egg sheet, rest is incredibly easy.

You can use the regular phyllo or spring rolls sheet also but this home-made egg sheet gives the perfect-desired results. I prefer this home-made egg sheet over phyllo sheet since it tastes much much better and so easy to make, once you get the hang of it.

 These egg wrappers are so similar to crepes. If you know how to make crepes, you won’t have any trouble making these, for sure.

These rolls are so easy to make. The egg wrappers/ sheet is so simple yet delicious, and can be made in a matter of minutes. It’s made with ingredients already lying in your kitchen.

And as far as the filling is concerned, fill them with beef with vegetables, shredded mutton chunks with vegetables or even mashed potato or potato cutlets filling if you like. However, I prefer the juicy chicken with vegetables filling over anything.

What you need

For the Dough/ Egg sheet / egg wrappers

All-purpose flour—————– 1 cup
Regular water ——————- 1 cup
Salt—————————— pinch

How it’s made

  1. Whisk everything into a paste. Set aside.
  2. Take an 8 inches round non-stick pan (for starters) and grease it with oil, with the help of tissue paper.
  3. Soak tissue paper in oil and grease the pan all over.
  4. Now let it heat up. Once hot, take a deep scoop of the batter and pour it in the centre of the pan.
  5. Tilt the pan to roll the batter to all sides, in a  circular shape, leave no empty space in between . Don’t worry if you can’t get them right in the first few attempts, It takes practise.
  6. Cook till done, from one side. Do not cook from the other side.
  7. You know it’s done when you carefully lift the egg wrapper from the pan, and it stops sticking to the pan.
  8. Carefully lift them and set aside.

For the Filling

You can add just about anything you like for filling. If you want cheesy one’s, go ahead and add cheese, in short, add and omit as you please. The main part was the perfect egg roll sheet, once you learn how to make them, rest is just easy-peesy-lemon-squeasy.

You can use boiled chicken pieces, boiled shredded pieces of chicken, leftover chicken or just about anything. Today I will teach you how I cook them so, go as you please.

Chicken————————– 60 g
Cabbage————————- as much as you like
Carrots————————– as much as you like
Capsicum———————— as much as you like
Bread crumbs——————– as need may be
Eggs for coating—————— as need may be
Salt—————————— according to taste
Black pepper——————— according to taste
Soya sauce———————– 2 tsp
Ketchup————————– 2 tbsp
Garlic—————————- 1 cloves, crushed
Oil——————————- 2 tsp

How it’s made

  1. Take little oil in a pan, throw in chicken pieces, give them a good mix and throw in garlic.
  2. Cook chicken and add seasonings along with the soya sauce and ketchup.
  3. Stir to mix, add a little water to infuse all the flavours into the chicken.
  4. Once it’s done, throw in the vegetables and cook till the water evaporates. Leave no water, okay!
  5. Cool the filling before filling in your egg wrappers.
  6. Now take a sheet of egg wrapper and place some filling in one corner and role the egg wrapper, turning the sides in half way through, seal edges of the egg wrapper with some egg and shape them into spring rolls.
  7. Coat chicken rolls in whisked egg first and then in breadcrumbs and set aside.
  8. Deep or shallow fry as you please.
Serve with your favorite chutney and enjoy!
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