I feel in love with this dessert as soon as I tasted it. Oh it melts in your mouth. The sweetness is just perfect to keep my sweet tooth satisfied for days. The only con this dessert has to its name is that you can never have enough of it 🙂 seriously 🙂

This thing that you get after cooking the condensed milk for this long is called “dulce de leche”, which is used in many  rich desserts and bars.

What you need

Condensed Milk——————————– 1 tin or 397 grams tin
Cream——————————————– 1 packet or 200 ml
Cake Rusk————————————— 8-10
Coffee——————————————– 2 tbsp
Water——————————————— ½ cup


How it’s made

  1. Cook your unopened, condensed milk tin for 5-6 hours straight in boiling water. And the level of water SHOULD ALWAYS be over and above the tin. The tin should be submerged in the water completely through this time. Ask your cook or your maid to keep the an eye on the level of water. Once it starts to go down, add more water and continue boiling. Otherwise it will literary blast like a bomb if no water remains.

  2. It should be dark golden brown in color once you open it after 5-6 hours.

  3. Take it out into a clean, dry bowl, add cream and beat it for 3-4 minutes or until it is thick enough to leave a trail once dropped from spoon, set aside.

  4.  Now dissolve coffe in water and set aside. Take your serving dish, assemble your cake rusk in a single layer, pour coffee mixture on them, a tsp at a time, till all are drenched in the coffee mixtures, but remember do not pour the mixture all at once because it will make your dessert watery in end. Just pout it over your cake rusk enough to soak them, make them soggy, that’s it. No coffee mixture seen floating in the dish, OKAY?

  5. Now pour in your condensed milk mix, decorate it if you want to, with chocolate syrup and pop it into the freezer for 3-4 hours.

Once done, enjoy this chilled melt in your mouth rich dessert. You can add walnuts, if you like. Pineapples on top and in between also taste delicious. Try to make it in a single layer and chill it for 5-6 hours in the freezers. Right before serving pop it in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes so its not as hard as rock once your guests try to dig in.

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