It’s been over a month now. Over a month since I saw that flashy silver camera of mine. Lying cozily in its black casing. It’s been a month since I have taken any shot of my food. A month, alas! I long for a camera.

It’s a shame because during this time I got to make so many new things but since our camera got lost so couldn’t take pictures. No pictures leads to no posts on food blogs ya know. Uh! This is annoying. You know it’s just one of those things that can not survive without the other.

I made:

  1. lemon tarts
  2. fish curry
  3. Fresh cream strawberry cake
  4. double decker sandwiches
  5. chocolate brownies
  6. zeera biscuits
  7. chocolate chip cookies
  8. marbled biscuits
  9. chocolate truffles
  10. swiss roll
  11. spicy beef shawarmas
  12. Spring rolls
  13. Mixed veges
  14. Nigella’s chocolate loaf
  15. Chocolate pudding
  16. Chicken Handi
  17. Cream of chicken soup

Uh! Wish I had a camera πŸ™ I miss all my posts… Food blogger without a camera is like

  1. Day without sunlight.
  2. Pen without ink.
  3. Food without salt.
  4. Sausages without mustard paste.
  5. Cafe without coffee
  6. Jammin java without chocolate chip ice cream
  7. Choola without sooee gas lol

(Rolling eyes since point no. 1 ) But you get my point don’t you? You feel my pain, don’t you?

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