Eggless Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red colour is magical. It is the colour of fire and blood. Associated with energy, passion, power and of course love. And what better way of appreciating the magical power of red other than in cupcakes. Red velvet cupcakes are simply perfect for all occasions.

“Show them you care,
make their day,
bake them a batch of red velvet cupcakes, today.”

(Told you they are magical, they bring out the poet in me. :) )

Love has a new name – Eggless Red Velvet Cupcakes

These red velvet cup cakes are light, fluffy, have a subtle chocolate flavor and totally eggless. The red colour of these eggless red velvet cupcakes comes from the red food colour. Try to use the best quality red food colour you can find. I got over-board and pour lots and lots of gel food colour, later regretted for using such a large amount. Anyways, it’s a pretty red and they look awesome!

Secret to moist and fluffy eggless red velvet cupcakes

One thing you have to remember when making these eggless red velvet cupcakes is that do not ever over-beat them. If I have mentioned, “beat them for 30 sec.” then beat them for 30 seconds on the clock, please. If you listen to me your cupcakes will have a perfect, fluffy and moist crumb or if you don’t listen to my instructions and humble-requests, your cupcakes will have a dry, hard and dull crumb. So, chose wisely, which type of red velvet cup cakes you would like to create and later – eat, duh!

Which cocoa powder to buy?

The mild chocolate flavor of these red velvet cup cakes comes from the cocoa powder. I mostly use “Hershey’s cocoa powder”. The only time I don’t use it is when it’s not available in the market. My second option is “Cadbury’s Cocoa Powder“, please note, not the drinking chocolate, Cocoa Powder, kapish?

Which Frosting to chose?

Typically, red velvet cupcakes are topped with luscious swirls of “Cream cheese frosting”. You can go ahead and either make it yourself or buy from super-market. You can also try using whipped cream as a frosting for these cupcakes. I tried it and they were awesome. So, it’s totally up to you. Ask for me, I would rather have them plain this time, just enjoying the red colour, the airy texture and the amazing kick I get out of every one of them.

This recipe makes 12-14 regular size cupcakes.
Got this recipe from “Eggless Cooking”

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Eggless Red Velvet Cup cakes
Recipe type: dessert
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 7
Love as a new name - fluffy, moist and tender eggless red velvet cupcakes
  • All-purpose flour--------------- 1¼ cup
  • Castor sugar------------------- 1 cup
  • Cocoa powder------------------ 2 tbsp
  • Baking powder------------------ ½ tsp
  • Baking soda-------------------- ½ tsp
  • Salt----------------------------- ½ tsp
  • Milk----------------------------- 1 cup
  • Vinegar------------------------- 1tsp
  • Oil------------------------------ ⅓ cup
  • Red food colour----------------- as needed to make the batter bright red
  • Vanilla Essence------------------ 1 tsp
  1. Pre-heat oven to 180C.
  2. Sift flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt and cocoa powder.
  3. Add in sugar and give it a good stir, till everything mixes well. Set aside.
  4. In another small bowl add vinegar to (room-temperature) milk and set aside for 5 minutes or until milk curdles.
  5. Once it curdles, stir in oil, red food colour and vanilla essence.
  6. Now take the flour plus sugar bowl and make a whell in the centre, pour in the liquid ingredients and stur gently.
  7. Beat for only 30 seconds, do not over beat it please. Otherwise your cup cakes will not be fluffy and moist.
  8. Once it's silky smooth, pour into 12-14 cup cake cases and bake for 15-17 minutes, depending on your oven.
  9. Once done, check if the toothpick inserted in the centre of the cup cake comes out clean or has one or two cooked crumb on it.
  10. Leave them in the pan for 3-5 minutes and then lift and gently place them on a wire stand.
  11. Cool completely before icing.
I try to add my cupcake batter to some kinda jug or something from which the batter can easily be poured. Some people use ice cream scoops maker while I prefer this small milk jug.

Now, you don’t have to buy expensive gifts to show them how much you care, how much you love. Just bake a batch of these eggless red velvet cupcakes and make them read this post hehehehehe

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28 Responses to Eggless Red Velvet Cupcakes

  1. I haven’t made red velvet cupcakes before..looks very simple. Will have to give them a try!

  2. kitchenriffs says:

    Red Velvet Cupcakes are such a classic! Although I don’t normally use food dye, I’ll certainly use them in this, and tandoori chicken. Nice post – thanks.

  3. humaira says:

    Hi, In love with ur website. I think I have bookmarked atleast 6 recipies to try soon. All recipies and pictures are so drool worthy. I will try them and report back. Until them enjoying the pictures and ur write up is lovely too!

    • |eemz says:

      Jazak Allah for the love Humaira. Wish you all the luck in the world and waiting for your reviews on the recipes. :)

      Thank you once again for liking and appreciating 😀 not many people do both the things 😀

  4. noor lodhi says:

    i made these red velvet cupcakes twice and everyone loved them.i made them on my husbands birthday and his nephew ate 6 of them!!! Definitely a hit recipe. thanks for sharing it.

  5. Avaantika says:

    Hey I just wanted to know whether these can be made in the microwave?

  6. Adnan says:

    Insisted of oil can i use butter…

  7. Vinti Jajodia says:

    Hi, can I use thIs recipe as a cake?

  8. anuradha says:

    I read ur recipe, it seems very easy. I hav never tried the red velvet cake
    vl surely try n tell u how it came out….

  9. Hafi says:

    Can this be made in microwave?

  10. Manasa says:

    This is really nice! I sure will try it out for my next girlie get-together!!

  11. Vid says:

    when you say OIL.. which oil does it mean ?
    sunflower oil or olive oil?

  12. Neha says:

    I tried this one..and its easy and yummy too…can u pls send or upload a eggless chocolate cake recepie baked in oven and not using condensed milk.

  13. Aakriti Batra says:

    Which vinegar have you used in your recipe ? The common vinegar the one used in Chinese cusinie

  14. Nivedita says:

    Your recepie is so awesome

  15. Santa says:

    Hey I love your recipe but want to use it for a cake. What temperature would you recommend baking it at as 180 only works for cupcakes? Thanks

  16. Poonam says:

    Being a full time agent, I don’t get time to play around with recipes.Also, that am pure Veg, I need all recipes to be eggless.
    I can’t thank you enough for this recipe. In my first effort itself, my cupcakes were flawless…Thanks a lot, keep posting…:-)

    P.S. Is there any natural ingredient that we can use instead of red color?

  17. Shweta Varma says:

    Hi, the cupcakes look good. Will definitely try them! Just a query that for the Red colour do you use tomato red or rose red?

  18. Swati says:

    What can we substitute for vinegar..

  19. Yashaswini says:

    Heyy! I made the cupcakes once and they came out amazing. But the second time i tried them, somehow the batter was too dark and the chocolate brown colour was so overwhelming that no amount of red colouring gave it the red velevet colour. What do i do?

  20. Vishakha Shroff says:

    Hi…love this recepie…non fussy …easy for a new hobby baker like me …cupcakes were moist and nice…only one issue was the cakes turned dark…almost brown…i had used the abt one cap food colour…do yu think i used more..this was regular red liquid colour not gel one.

  21. ambili sunil says:

    hi i made this recipe thrice but not looking beautiful as urs. i got to make 12 cups and followed the recipe exactly. though the cupcakes wr moist, fluffy and yummy am so sad abt the looks.

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