Say goodbye to winters in a sweet way by making this awesome gajjar ka halwa, the very last time. It may be time consuming but all worth it, right? Summers are just around the corner and you can still get juicy, red carrots at cheap price. Ain’t that grand or what?

There are many different ways to cook gajjar ka halwa (carrot halwa). Some use milk while others rely on milk powder for their creamy, milky flavour while some don’t use milk at all. However, they use kooya or koova for richness.

The recipe I’m about to post here today is not made with powdered or kooya but fresh milk, because I prefer latter to the former. Although it’s pretty time consuming, two and a half kgs of carrots take around 2-3 hours to cook but all worth it.

My kids simply loved this gajjar ka halwa (carrot halwa). Demolished a whole bowl of it in a matter of minutes, now that’s awesome.

What you need

Carrots——————————– 2  kg
Green Cardamoms——————– 5-6
Sugar———————————- 1/2 kg or more, according to your taste
Ghee———————————– 1/2 cup first and then 1/4 cup for the end
Milk———————————– 4 kg
Sultanas——————————- optional
Almonds——————————- optional blanched
Pistachios—————————— optional
Dessicated coconut——————— optional
Kooya/koova————————— optional

How it’s made

  1. Take ghee (preferably) or oil in a pan and throw cardamoms along with shredded carrots and sugar cook till water dries up.
  2. Now take milk in another large pan (I used non-stick pan)  and once it starts to boil, throw in carrots.
  3. Cook till all dried up.
  4. Pour the rest of the ghee in the end and your halwa is ready. This exra addition will give a nice sheen to your gajjar ka halwa (Carrot halwa).
  5. Yay! it’s ready!
Garnish with blanched almonds, pistachios, dessicated coconut and chandi ka warq or silver leaf.
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