Yup, it’s true, it was my birthday yesterday. 12-12 cool, isn’t it? Oh well, I made this special double chocolate mousse cake for myself and loved it- from making to demolishing.

Recipe for this cake will be uploaded soon, insha Allah!

Lessons I learnt the hard way:

  1. Fight for your smile. Fight till you die.
  2. Don’t let others spoil your mood or take away your precious smile/moments.
  3. Everyone for themselves and nothing else matters.
  4. Stay Content and fill your heart with hope and love for others but never forget to please yourself.
  5. Stay Happy.
Buttered Garlic Fried Rice

What you need Fried Rice--------------- 250 g Spring onions------------ 2 green part diced Salt---------------------- 2 tsp White pepper------------ 2 tsp...