I am about to start this weekly event, God willing, by the name “Magical Mondays” with a tag line “Dreams do come true”.

Mondays won’t be boring anymore (for house-wives) because on every Monday your dream dish will be made with proper tips and tricks and all the how’s and No-knows 😀

On every Monday we are going to make a magical recipe. A something you’ve been wanting to make for years, a childhood favorite, a hubby’s request, or what so ever.

With your help and suggestions gathered throughout the week through my Facebook page, we will make one “chosen (aaaa)” dish every Monday. And make our Mondays magical. So hurry up, goto our page on Facebook and let us what you want us to cook tomorrow (today is Sunday, tomorrow’s a Monday :p)

So let’s get going, chop,chop, chop.

Before this event people thought: “Mondays are just the days that no one looks forward to.”

After this event people think: “Mondays are fundays”.

Super quick and easy Strawberry Mousse

Our friends were coming for to our home after a long long time, in an hours time. So, I had...