Yes Twecipe is the next best thing. If you’re looking for a new, quick recipe, a quick fix or something of that sort well, Twecipe is just the thing for you.

If you have an account on the twitter, then start following Twecipe. Type any key ingredients you want in your recipe and tweet it to @twecipe. I sent mushrooms, chicken and orange juice, and within a minute i recipe a message in my twitter inbox about the recipe.


Recipe suggested by Twecipe

Although the recipe Twecipe provided didn’t have any orange juice but still it was a good one. And it also had a link to BBC food as well, assuring that it was an authentic, give it a shot, recipe!

So, if your looking for something new and exciting, your to-be favorite recipe is just a click away, thanks to Twecipe 🙂 and of course Twitter.

You have got to try this, It’s fun! 😀
Start twittering!

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