Onion Rings. I call it a perfect snack. It’s quick, easy and delicious. Crisp from the outside but soft and tender from the inside.The whole plate finishes in a matter of minutes and everybody loves them, from my two year old to my mother-in-law, no one can have just one hehe 🙂 i often make them late at night, so we can enjoy while watching a movie, game or for the heck of it 🙂

No hard fast quantity for ingredients.

All you need >>>

Bread crumbs——- fresh preferably, 3 slices or 2 cups
Salt/Pepper——– According to taste
All purpose flour– 1/2 cup, half cup

How it’s made >>>

1. Add salt and Black pepper to flour and Bread crumbs.
2. Cut rings of onion and Rinse them.
3. Coat them into flour first lightly.
4. Coat then in lightly beaten eggs.
5. Lastly in bread crumbs.
6. Deep fry till golden brown on a medium heat.

You can use it for high tea, evening snacks, late night snacks, kids fun food.
Serve it with Tomato Ketchup.
Have a ring! 😉

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