If you like cheese and potatoes well this recipe is just for you. And the fun part is, it ain’t that difficult too.

What you need>>>

Potatoes————– 500g boiled and mashed
Mustard Powder——–1/2 tsp
All-purpose flour——- 2-3tbsp
Spring onions———-3-4
Milk—————– as much needed
Salt—————– According to taste
Chopped onions——- 1
Butter————— 3 tbsp
White pepper——— According to taste
Thyme————– 1/2 tsp
Cheese————– 6 tbsp or as you like

How it’s made>>>

1. Add all of the ingredients. Mix thoroughly.

2. Shape round, oval anything you want.

3. Shallow fry. It’s very important that you don’t add too much oil in it otherwise potato cakes will break.

4. keep aside.

Cheese Sauce

Cheese sauce, is the same as The White Sauce, all you need to do is add generous amount of cheese in it. Add make your regular White sauce with butter/oil, Flour and milk and in the end add cheese in it.

Now take a serving dish add some of the potato cakes in it, pour cheese sauce over it and assemble rest of the potato cakes on top.

Your delicious Potato cakes with cheese sauce is ready to serve.

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