Russ Malaee

My never fail, alhumdolillah, Russ Malaee, a big hit every time i make it. It’s light and traditional. So if you’re having a dinner with Asian or desi food theme then don’t forget to give these babies a shot.

All you need >>>

Powder Milk————- 1 cup (preferably Nido)
Baking Powder———– 1 tsp
Egg——————— 1
Maida——————- 1 tbsp
Cooking oil————- 1 tbsp
Cardimon (alichee)—— 1 tsp
Milk——————– 1 litre
Sugar——————- 10 tbsp

How it’s made >>>

1. Add powder milk to a bowl.
2. Add egg to milk and mix well.
3. Add oil, Baking powder and maida. Mix well.
4. Add alichee and kneed for 10 minutes.
5. Make one inch balls and rest them for half an hour.
6. Separately heat milk to 1/3,  then add the powder milk balls in it on a low flame.
7. The balls are ready when they start floating on the surface.
8. Pour it out and serve chilled.

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A (25, no not any more) 26 year old wife, mom, writer, jack of all trades. A someone who cooks for fun like a pro, living her dream :) Alhumdolillah!
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