Fudge is one of the things I always so wanted to try out. But, the wee bit complicated procedure and the usage of cooking thermometer always used to put me off.

But ever since I laid my eyes on this particular recipe that I found on Suzie’s blog, I’ve been wanting to give this recipe a shot. And finally I did and boy I’m so glad I did. Because it was an instant hit. Everybody loved it 🙂 So, will you and your family. You can gift it to your friends and family both or maybe make it on your child’s next birthday to please the young ones.

All you need>>>

Semi-sweet chocolate chips —– 250 g
Milk chocolate chips ————– 360g
Condensed Milk——————– 300 ml
Vanilla essence——————— 1 tsp
Salt———————————– one pinch

How it’s made>>>

  1. First, prepare your baking tray. A 8″ square pan it should be, cover it with foil, be generous and let the foil run out of the edges. So you can lift the fudge off easily from the pan, once it’s done.
  2. On a very low flame, combine chocolate chips and condensed milk along with the salt in a heavy based pan.
  3. Stir vigorously till chocolate melts. Keep stirring continuously as you don’t wanna burn the chocolate.
  4. Once all melted, take it off heat, quickly add the vanilla essence and pour the mixture into your prepared pan.
  5. Leave it to cool to room temperature then pop it into the fridge till it hardens.
  6. Store loosely covered at room temperature in winters, and into the fridge in summers.
  7. Once done, cut it into cubes and have friends over 🙂
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