Listen up folks. This may be something you are interested in. It’s not entirely food related but this could help you in more than one way. This is how I started. Now Alhumdolillah I am an amazing community of The Chef In Me as well as a sound cake business

Do you want to know how to take your hobby of cooking, cake-making, clothes, bags whatever and turn into a business on-line?
Money isn’t everything, it can’t buy you happiness. So it’s better you figure out what you love to do and then take that dream or passion and find out how to transform that dream into reality, and get paid doing it, how cool is that. It’s a win-win situation. 🙂 This is where this workshop comes in, it will guide you “how you too can get paid to do what you love”.
The ProHobbyist Workshop by Momekh is going to help you take your hobbies and turn them into an on-line business! InshAllah. Just like I did with my hobby of cooking!
You can read the whole story at and register at the link provided on that page. The workshop is in Lahore, Islamabad and Dubai. Seriously, just go and read and find out at 
Thank you so much for your time.
Looking forward to get your feedback! 🙂
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