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What to expect from The Chef in Me?

Expect recipes, and lots of ’em. I cook because I love it, therefore I am doing it most of the times.

TheChefinMe blog started as a personal hobby blog, but recently I have successfully sold cakes and cupcakes because of this blog! I try to inspire would-be cooks to try out my tested recipes, for fun and profit.

And yes of course, the subscription is Free. See you on the other side!

Thanks and God bless!

– Leemz.

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  1. Mehvish says:

    id like to subscribe…

    • |eemz says:

      Please enter your email address and name in the “Blue subscribe box” above and press ENTER. you will get a confirmation link in the mail. Click on it in your inbox, click the link and you’ll be subscribe instantaneously 😀

  2. vyshal says:

    i want to subscribe as well 😛

  3. Sonia says:

    I just baked the red velvet cupcakes and I checked them after 17 minutes and they were too soft to be taken out. So I left them for a further 8 minutes (25 in total)

    They tasted a little gooey….also I put too much batter in each case as they had come up over the edge….

    I will try them again and put in less batter but how can I avoid the gooey ness?

    • |eemz says:

      The shouldn’t be goeey. There were goeey most probably because the inside remained uncooked, yikes :S

      Always fill your cases 3/4, NEVER full, as a role of thumb. Another thing, did you pre-heat the oven 15-20 minutes before you put the cupcakes in? Do that ALWAYS.

      Try these two things, I’m sure they’ll come out perfect next time, insha Allah! 😀 Next time when you plan to make something new, ask me for tips that day before trying out the recipe, it’ll help insha Allah 😀

  4. cndla says:

    aoa, please tell me the ratio of daig of 5KG rice pulao and also 5 KG mutton/chicken qorma… also please if u can tell me how to increase or decrease the ratio with the amount to cook. Any tips to make it taste like real daig. I tried twice but still it was cooked but so so.. :(


  5. cndla says:

    aoa i also want you to tell me the tips to keep steam roasted full chicken/leg pieces/seekh kababs moist..


  6. Ariba says:

    It says am already subscribed..whereas i subscribed only for e-course before?

  7. Ariba says:

    Which is better for cakes?
    unsweetened cooking chocolate better or sweetened cooking chocolate? Plz do reply

    • |eemz says:

      both :) if they are cooking chocolate, unsweetened would be better because it won’t make the cake more sweeter.

  8. suman says:

    I tried your eggless red velvet cupcakes.. omg they were superb, awesome, perfect in taste..
    Thank you so much.. :)
    And I’am unable to subscribe your blog.. the message is coming that ‘mailing list is not active please notify the owner of website’ please help me to subscribe to your blog.

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