I got this recipe from Ann Nicole’s book “Cupcakes & Muffins”. It’s a keeper if you get your hands on it. Its got quick, easy, proven recipes, so says the cover and after giving ’em a try it really is true. I made “Lemon drizzle cupcakes” from this book. I made this sugar paste recipe and I so now wanna try out the savory muffins section.

This sugar paste recipe can be used as an icing, to cover your cake or you can make all kinds of animals, fruits, veges, flowers and in my case I made “Chand Sitara” (moon and star) out of it. It dries quickly as soon as you shape your items and leave them for 5- 6 minutes. And if you need to use it after an hour or so, leave it tightly wrapped in cling wrap so no air can make it stiff.

What you need

Egg white—————————– 1 medium
Liquid glucose or light corn syrup—–1 tbsp
Icing sugar————————— 350 g or 12 oz

How it’s made

  1. Place egg white and liquid glucose or light corn syrup in a large mixing bowl and stir together with a fork, breaking up the eggs white.
  2. Add the icing sugar gradually, mixing in with palette knife until the mixture binds together and forms a ball.
  3. Turn the ball of icing out on a clean surface with icing sugar and kneed for 5 minutes. Add a little more icing sugar if it’s sticky.
  4. To color, do not use liquid colors as this is not suitable and will make the sugar paste go limp.

Next time I plan to make lovely flowers and other fancy decoration stuff with it, God willing!

Happy decorating people,

Happy decorating.

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