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Cake In A Mug?

This cake method is OUTSTANDING! I loved it, and rest loved the cake. The best thing about this cake recipe is that you bake the cake in a mug, yes your favorite coffee or cha mug. And you know what’e even … Continue reading

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Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate banana muffins

Had some over ripe bananas with me and had nothing to do with them. So, I took Nigella Lawson’s book out and found this wonderfully aromatic recipe. My whole house is smelling like a mixture of caramelized bananas and brown sugar, lovin’ it! Wanna … Continue reading

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Chocolate glace icing

It’s a sweet, soft and shiny icing. An icing which gets stiff after a few minutes. So chill, and let it set on it’s own. All you need>>> Cocoa Powder——— 2 tbsp Warm Water———– 1 – 2 tbsp Icing sugar————- … Continue reading

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Chocolate Fudge Frosting

In my quest to find that oh-so-heavenly chocolate fudge icing, this one was the champion, the savior and sinfully irresistible. And all thanks to my cousin Masturah for giving it to me. I wanted a one which would not be … Continue reading

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Black magic cake – the very best

There are many amazing things about this cake, which makes this cake, my best cake recipe ever! Yes this is the one! It only requires two eggs, doesn’t call for butter but instead you use vegetable oil, which make s … Continue reading

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