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Crispy Fried Potato Puffs recipe

Sick and tired of those same tasting samosay. Even tried substituting potato filling for chicken but still, your taste buds crave for something crispy, creamy yet light on ¬†the budget. Well, we have something of your interest. These crispy fried … Continue reading

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Pasta Alfredo

(First of all, sorry for not posting any images in this post. It is because I made the pasta especially for this post but was so busy with some appointments and guests that I forgot to take the shots, so … Continue reading

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Cake In A Mug?

This cake method is¬†OUTSTANDING! I loved it, and rest loved the cake. The best thing about this cake recipe is that you bake the cake in a mug, yes your favorite coffee or cha mug. And you know what’e even … Continue reading

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How to boil a perfect egg

Yeah, you might think it ain’t THAT difficult but trust me don’t let it fool you. It’s about techniques, those tiny little steps make a perfect dish or ruin it, completely. Oh well, having that said, this half-boiled egg is … Continue reading

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